My new favourite refreshing makeup spray: Sport FX Time Out Face Mist and Fix review

Makeup setting sprays are something that I have never really tended to use. Not for their given purpose anyway. You see, up until I started taking Accutane (Isotretinoin) my skin was very oily and makeup sprays just didn’t cut it for me in keeping my makeup in place and my skin shine free.

I started baking my makeup into place every day but found that my skin could look cakey and heavy up close so I started to try different sprays once again. As the summer months rolled around, I found a real love for thermal water sprays. Particularly the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray. I used it on an evening after applying my skincare and also in the daytime after applying my makeup. It helped my makeup to sit nicely and also helped it to look hydrated and fresh but without that oily shine.

Just recently I’ve been introduced to a makeup line called Sport FX. A makeup line sold through Sports Direct and designed especially to be breathable, sweat-proof and high performance for those of us *cough* that like to workout and keep our faces in place. I know that some people are completely opposed to wearing makeup at the gym (myself included actually as I do believe it can clog our pores and lead to breakouts), but lets be real, sometimes our makeup can give us the confidence to get out there and do our workouts in the first instance so I can completely understand why this range was created to begin with. And I can’t deny the fact that I’ve worn makeup to the gym in the past.

My new favourite refreshing makeup spray: Sport FX Time Out Face Mist and Fix review | Rachael Divers

Amongst the Sport FX range is the Time Out Face Mist and Fix. A cooling spray containing water, vitamins B3, B6 and C and menthol essence. The spray is paraben free, dermatologically tested, long lasting and doesn’t contain any petroleum or mineral oils which is great. After all, if you’re working out in the first place you probably care somewhat about what you put into and onto your body, so you can rest assured that this spray doesn’t contain any nasties.

The spray is meant to be used to hydrate, refresh and even control oils and shine on the skin. The formula also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to reduce redness post workout, and also claims to fix makeup in place.

Although I don’t think that this can be really be labelled as a makeup setting spray (it doesn’t contain any ingredients that you’d find in a typical makeup setting spray such as Glycols or Dimethicones that help makeup to stay put) there’s no denying it’s completely refreshing to use and a damn good addition to your makeup bag.

My new favourite refreshing makeup spray: Sport FX Time Out Face Mist and Fix review | Rachael Divers

I love to use this spray daily after applying my makeup to help give my skin a hit of hydration whilst also taking the cakey look away from any extra powders that I might have applied. I’ve been reaching for this every day since I got it and I’m really enjoying the whole experience of using it as well as the actual benefits too. For one, the menthol scent is so refreshing and cooling on a morning but without being overpowering. The formula doesn’t sting my eyes at all and doesn’t have any ingredients in there that make my face feel stiff, or stick to my brows and lashes. That crunchy heavy duty makeup fix spray effect is non-existent!

Above all I love how the spray makes my skin look – radiant and glowing. It makes it look like actual skin as opposed to skin covered in a layer of makeup which is of course the end goal of that natural makeup look (you know, the one that actually takes an hour to apply but we pretend it’s effortless…) The last two things I’ll mention about the spray are the packaging and the price – the packaging is sleek and looks stylish, I love that it’s a clear bottle so that you can see exactly how much spray you have left. The plastic is really tough which gives it a more expensive feel, it isn’t flimsy at all. Lastly, it’s £5.99 for 30ml of product which I think is a pretty good deal.

I’m looking forward to trying out more pieces from the Sport FX line. I have high hopes for them after falling in love with this little beauty!

Have you tried the Sport FX line? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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