Oskia Renaissance Mask review

Oskia has long been a brand that I’ve been curious to try. After hearing some of my ultimate favourite Beauty Vloggers talking about it (namely Lily Pebbles and The Ann Edit), I’d begun to think that I really should invest in their skincare and try out a few pieces.

Rewind to the last Lookfantastic LFPamper box and what should I find inside? A gorgeous tub of the Oskia Renaissance Mask! If you watched my October 2016 Lookfantastic Unboxing video, you’ll know just how excited I was to try this out as soon as I’d noticed it in my box.

Oskia Renaissance Mask review

Oskia Renaissance Mask review | Renaissance Mask

So, what makes the Oskia Renaissance mask so special? It claims to transform dull, lifeless skin into a smooth and even surface that is soft to the touch. The treatment encases natural fruit acids that work to exfoliate the skin without stripping away the natural moisture, and the light scent of rose, passion fruit and chamomile brings a spa experience right to the home. One of the leading selling points of the Oskia Renaissance mask for me, and indeed many others, is the fact that the product is also certified organic.

On the very same day of receiving the Lookfantastic beauty box, I enlisted the help of my chief tester (my Mum, because two faces are far better than one), and we set to work on testing the mask. The directions instruct to apply the mask onto clean, dried skin and massage in. The mask will turn white which indicates that the ingredients have been activated. You may leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes, 10 minutes for more sensitive skins (you can work up to 20 minutes with regular use) before splashing water onto the face and massaging in again gently as the cream turns into a milky texture. Fully rinse the face and pat dry.

The first thing we noticed about the mask was the beautiful scent of rose. A real soft, beautiful scent with a hint of chamomile. Beautifully relaxing and delicate. The next was the texture, the mask is almost like a gel creme, quite thick. A little goes a long way – I used around a 10p sized scoop for my face and neck. The mask feels absolutely gorgeous when rubbed into the skin, it feels like a thick, comforting blanket for the face and instantly soothes away any dry patches or discomfort from cleansing. The mask turned white upon massaging so we retreated to go and sip our tea as the mask worked its magic for 10 minutes. We both followed the instructions to add a little more water and massage the mask in again before rinsing thoroughly.

Oskia Renaissance Mask review

Oskia Renaissance Mask review | Rachael Divers

To say we both felt like new women would be an understatement. Mum has dry skin whereas I have combination, and let me tell you, this mask was an absolute dream for the both of us. Our skin felt pampered, silky smooth, comfortable and renewed. I’m sure my skin texture looked a little more even (perhaps thanks to the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile) and supple.

I really can say hand on heart that I’ve never used a mask in the past that has made my skin feel so instantly nourished and soft. This product is the absolute perfect addition to the bathroom cabinet now we’re heading into the harsher winter months than can play havoc with our skin. I’ve been using the mask twice weekly because I just love how luxurious the whole process is, and I still have around two to three more applications worth of product left. I’ve had around 10 applications from this 12ml tub which means I could get around 40 uses from the full size 50ml version of the Oskia Renaissance Mask. That works out at around £1.23 per application which I think is a more than reasonable price to pay for a luxury spa treatment in the comfort of my own home.

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