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Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review

Hair mask treatments are something I absolutely love to indulge in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If I’m not working the day away, I love to take a little time to pamper myself from head to foot. Face mask, hair mask, pedicure, manicure…you name it. Add in a luxuriously scented bubble bath with a candle and my favourite YouTubers or movie on the iPad and I am in pamper heaven!

I haven’t treated my hair to a luxurious mask in a long time, so when I opened up my June Glossybox and saw one sitting inside I was so excited to try it out. The packaging intrigued me first of all. A black tub with a green lid and written work that said ‘Mystic Black.” I actually thought the mask was going to be black inside, but I was a little sad to see it was just white. Oh well, the packaging still intrigued me and the mask smelled great too so I wasn’t too disappointed at all.

Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review | Rachael Divers

The mask is enriched with Baobab Oil which is a natural ingredient with a high level of hydration, nutrition and emollient power that provides instantaneous absorption. The mask promises to leave hair super hydrated, free of frizz and split ends. I was looking forward to putting it to the test!

I washed my hair as usual with my Christophe Robin Cleasing Volumising Paste with pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extract before gently squeezing the excess water away from my hair with a towel. I applied the Novex Deep Hair Mask to the mid lengths and ends of my hair liberally before loosely twisting my hair up into a bun and allowing it to work its magic for the recommended 10 ten minutes and then some. I rinsed the hair mask out with lukewarm water before twisting my hair into a turban and letting the excess water soak up a little.

Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review | Rachael Divers

When it came to blow drying my hair, I used my usual Lee Stafford Heat Protection Shine Mist (it smells GLORIOUS!) to protect my hair and started to blow dry my hair on a medium heat. The first thing I noticed was how soft and manageable my hair felt. It was lovely and smooth and I’m sure my blow drying time was cut down. After blow drying, I quickly ran the straighteners through my hair just to tame it a little and gave it a brush through before adding my Schwarzkopf Got2B Tame and Shine Styling Oil. I was really pleased with how smooth and soft my hair looked. It felt pampered and preened and also smelled gorgeous!

Embelleze Mystic Black by Novex Deep Hair Mask review | Rachael Divers

I really enjoyed using this hair mask but what I will say is this; no hair mask is going to make your split ends disappear. The only real way to get rid of them is by trimming them off. However, this hair mask and hair treatments in general can help to disguise split ends by temporarily sealing them. If you want to keep on top of split ends and keep your hair in great health, make sure to visit a professional hairdresser regularly.

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Lee Stafford Heat Protection Shine Mist
Schwarzkopf Got2B Tame and Shine Styling Oil

© Rachael Divers 2018.

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Five minute makeup to embrace your freckles

Back when I was little I used to hate my freckles. They’d make me feel ashamed, ugly and different. I was constantly bullied for having freckles and ginger hair so there’s no wonder that I took such a disliking to them. Once I got older, I started to buy the heaviest coverage foundations I could find in a bid to hide what I thought of as my flaws away.

It took me until my 20’s to realise that the things that made me different were the things that I should be embracing instead of hiding. It’s too easy to want to fit in with the crowd you’re younger and want to be accepted by your peers. But when you do mature, you soon realise that trying to be the same as everybody else is pretty boring.

Just recently I’ve seen a real spike over social media of beautiful men and women embracing their freckles that have deepened in the gorgeous summer sun. It makes me so happy to see people so happy and confident within their own skin and accepting themselves for who they are. Everybody has beautiful features that should be celebrated instead of hidden which is what inspired my extremely natural makeup look today.

I must admit, my finger hovered over the ‘post’ button a little longer than I anticipated when posting this picture. It’s not often that I take selfies showcasing my natural skin and barely there makeup, but since finishing my course of Accutane and having clear skin for the first time in years, I finally felt confident enough to bare it. If you’d like to get the “barely there” makeup look that I’m wearing in the photograph, take a look at the list of products and how to below.

Five minute makeup to embrace your freckles | Rachael Divers

The night before I smoothed on a small amount ofVita Liberata’s Fabulous Self Tanning Tinted Lotion to give my skin a sunkissed glow. The following morning I prepped my skin with a good dose of Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream. It’s vital to moisturise your skin daily to keep it hydrated and looking plumped and fresh. For a barely there natural look, it’s an absolute necessity!

Next I applied a little natural bronzer with my Laritzy Cosmetics Shade Stix in the colour Aloha all over the high points of my face. I used Illamasqua’s Gel Sculpt in Silhouette to add a little contour to my cheekbones and a little definition to my eyes on the socket line. I also put a tiny bit under my bottom lip to help give it a little more shape and plumpness.
I then went in with my Laura Geller Easy Illuminating Stick in the shade Ballerina on the high points of my face and upper brow for a fresh sheen.

Next up I defined my brows usingBenefit’s Gimme Brow in shade 3 (I prefer shade 1 but only had shade 3 to hand). I then gave my lashes a quick curl and added a subtle sweep of Pur Cosmetics Fully Charged Magentic Mascara.

Lastly, I used a sweep of Real Chemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump over the top of my current favourite lip balm; O’Keeffes Lip Repair.

What are your favourite products to use for a quick barely there makeup look?

© Rachael Divers 2018.

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Tried & Tested: Glossybox Unboxing June 2018

This month Glossybox are transporting us to the French Riviera with a whole host of beautiful products fit for the luxury resort.

I was really looking forward to this months Glossybox as I knew it would be hosting one of my favourite skincare products: the Nip & Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix! A fabulous product for refreshing, smoothing and clearing skin. I was also really excited to try out the Novex Mystic Deep Black Hair Mask as my tresses have been in serious need of a little pampering lately.

I absolutely love when my beauty boxes are geared more towards skincare. I love trying out luxury samples from high end brands at a fraction of the cost. All of the luxury for a smidgen of the cost!

This month, I have a special discount code for my lovely readers and viewers. If you click my link here to shop and enter RACHAEL15 at the checkout, you can get 15% off a one month Glossybox subscription!

I hope that you enjoy watching my unboxing video below. If you’re new, don’t forget to subscribe and give the video a big thumbs up as you go!


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Novex Mystic Deep Black Hair Mask

© Rachael Divers 2018.

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May 2018 Beauty Favourites

The month of May has been a beautiful one for the most part. We’ve been treated to some gorgeous weather over in the UK which has left me feeling refreshed and revitalised!

This month, I’ve gotten to try out a few new beauty discoveries and also discover more lovely treats from the brands that I already love.

For the most of May, I’ve barely worn any makeup. Thanks to the warm weather and long sunny days, I’ve often opted for makeup-free days or that ‘barely there’ makeup that makes your skin look glowy and radiant in the most natural way.

Today I’m excited to share a few new beauty discoveries with you all and hopefully introduce you to something new that you can fall in love with too!


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LUE by Jean SEO Erase Powder
Maybelline Superstay 24H Full Coverage Foundation
Affect Evening Mood Eyeshadow Palette
Affect Contour Palette
Illamsqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette 
Laura Geller Easy Illuminating Stick in Ballerina

© Rachael Divers 2018.

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