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Review: Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25

I recently received a sample of the Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream with an SPF of 25. I don’t typically use a BB cream in my regular makeup routine – I usually opt for my Demalogica Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser with SPF 15 – but I wanted to give it a try regardless as I love the fact that the SPF is a little higher than my usual base.

The cream is described as “a quick and easy to use product for immediate beauty results” and is meant to mask imperfections and revitalise dull, tired skin while providing sunscreen protection.

The colour that I received was 01 Light – looking at the other options, I think I’d have been much better with the 00 Fair due to my extremely fair complexion (even NC15 can sometimes look too dark for me!)

The Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream was WAY too orange for me

The Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream was WAY too orange for me

After cleansing and moisturising my face, I applied the BB cream and was quite surprised at the consistency of it – the packaging states that the cream is light to medium coverage but I found that it was actually more like a medium to full coverage with a very dense feel which is quite unusual for a BB cream. The cream was absolutely way too dark for me and had a very orange tinge – not so great for you fairer ladies like me! I applied the cream with my fingertips and found it took quite a while to blend in evenly and that it seemed to sit rather blotchy on certain areas of my face and leave an unsightly uneven finish.

My usual Clinique base

My usual Clinique base


  1. High SPF to protect skin throughout the day
  2. Nice consistency and heavier coverage than most BB’s – this is all down to preference, but I appreciate a fuller coverage so this BB cream scores points from me on this feature
  3. Smells lovely and luxurious but not synthetic


  1. The ’01 Light’ colour is actually pretty orange tinged – not particularly light as the name suggests
  2. Limited selection of colours available
  3. The price: The BB cream retails at £30 for 45ml which is quite a lot of money to spend if you don’t get your match bang on – try before you buy.

Would I purchase this product?

I’d love to say that I would purchase this product, but unless the formula was re-assessed to prevent the blotchy effect, I wouldn’t take the risk. As I mentioned previously, the coverage is great for a BB cream and I love the higher SPF included. Also, this BB cream doesn’t sit excessively shiny on the skin as many SPF containing products do. If it hadn’t left me with the horribly uneven finish, I probably would purchase this but in the lighter shade.


© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2014.

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Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup review

Makeup and skincare as one…

Clinique has been a brand that I’ve quite liked for a number of years now, mostly for their skincare range. Just lately however, I’ve been really enjoying using their Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup. I actually bought it quite a while ago but for some reason or another, it ended at the bottom of my makeup pile outshined by my favourite MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I recently ran out of my Studio Fix and thought I’d give the Clinique foundation a fresh look and I’m so glad that I did!

The foundation is marketed for dry combination or very oily skin and helps to control oil and also treat blemishes. As my skin is prone to oily outbursts once foundation so much as grazes my skin, it’s a good option for me and works very well. The colour that I’m currently wearing is number 01 Fresh Alabaster which is a pretty good match for my natural skin tone.


The foundation comes in a 30ml bottle and is quite a runny liquid compared to other foundations that I have tried in the past. The coverage is great – not as full as Studio Fix – but still covers problem areas as desired and keeps skin looking like skin: fresh, healthy and energised. I prefer to apply mine with a stippling brush to start off with (I use the Real Techniques one) then softly blend out any edges with the same brush in a small circular motion.

Wearing Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

Wearing Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions with a little mineral powder to set

I find that the foundation lasts all day on my skin with little sheen showing through which is just perfect for what I need right now. The foundation is lightweight, oil-free and long-wearing and I love the fact that it actually treats blemishes throughout wear.

The foundation weighs in at £24.50 which I think is really reasonable as a little goes a long way and it’s great quality. Definitely a foundation I’d recommend to anybody with problem, oily skin who is looking for a complexion saviour over the autumn.

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2014.

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What you didn’t know about me: My hair story and Clip Hair Remy Ponytail review

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved having thick, long hair. Naturally, my hair is thick and curly but not quite as long as I’d like it to be. For absolute years, I’d had issues trying to find a perfect colour match for clip in extensions for my natural red hair, and was often told I’d have to dye extensions or clip in pieces in order to achieve anything like the natural colour. It wasn’t really something I wanted to mess about with after purchasing the hair and I worried incase I couldn’t get the colour quite right and would have wasted time and money.

While I was at university, I started to experiment with different hair colours and ended up colouring my hair a reddy/plum shade. I loved it and could find extensions to match pretty easily, but after a while, I longed for my natural colour back. After graduation, a horrific hair mishap got me at the hands of a professional salon. A colour stripper was left on my hair for way too long and ended up causing irrepairable damage. Pieces of my hair broke away and I was left with frazzled locks which wouldn’t even take a colour to cover up the horrible, straw-like tone which remained. I was absolutely devastated. That devastated in fact, that I turned to wearing wigs. Not everybody will know this, not even some of my close friends and former work colleagues, but for a very long time, that long, healthy hair I was sporting was actually a very realistic, and very expensive wig.

My first ever wig - a Raquel Welch offering that cost a fortune and lasted a week or so

My first ever wig – a Raquel Welch offering that cost a fortune and lasted a week or so. Pretty realistic hairline, huh?

For quite a while, I was happy with this. I was so worried to wear my natural hair and wanted to give my damaged locks the time they needed to repair without the use of heat or the stress of styling, but after over a year, I decided enough was enough and that it was about time that I got my confidence back and started to show my natural hair once again. I tried it out several times a week and was pleasantly surprised when nobody questioned me about it. I can’t tell you how hard it was to leave the house without the wig to hide behind. It sounds silly now, but at the time, it was an absolutely huge deal and one which caused me a lot of anxiety and upset. After a little while, I was wearing my hair completely naturally and something magical happened – I started to get complimented on it! People actually asked me what dye I used to get the colour and I was proud to say it was all natural after several years growing out the damage and letting my natural hair shine through. People even started complimenting me on my natural curls – something I was bullied about for years at school. Curly, red hair seems to be a natural target for the bullies but trust me, it’s pretty en-vogue these days. Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled. After years of heartache, tears and a complete dip in confidence, I was finally getting back on track with my troublesome tresses.

My second wig. I was that attached, it even came to Paris with me and the boyfriend on a romantic Valentine

My second wig. I was that attached, it even came to Paris with me and the boyfriend on a romantic Valentine’s break…

Just recently, I came across a fabulous site named Clip Hair and thought I’d like to try out their ponytail extensions. I sent in a photograph in order to get a colour match and their friendly, efficient team got right back to me with a suggested match.

The image I sent in for a colour match - my natural hair with a curl

The image I sent in for a colour match – my natural hair with a curl

My hair arrived on Wednesday and oh my goodness, I love it! The colour that I was matched to was number 30, Light Auburn and the ponytail I chose was Remy hair in a straight style which reaches a beautifully long 20 inches. It’s also 70g which means it’s luxuriously thick too. The ponytail attaches with a single clip and a wrap around ribbon for extra security and sits over your natural ponytail hiding your natural hair underneath.

After years of hair trouble with colour matches,  lack of confidence and wearing uncomfortable wigs, I have finally found a beautiful hairpiece that allows me to enhance my natural hair rather than hide it. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is and how nice it is to not have to go through the process of fixing a wig on every day and worrying each time there was a slight breeze in the air. Try going to a windy seaside pier in your wig and you’ll know what true fear is….

Thank you Clip Hair for the amazingly accurate colour match, excellent service and fast delivery. I can’t wait to wear my new ponytail with confidence.

My Clip Hair ponytail - the colour match was so accurate!

My Clip Hair ponytail – the colour match was so accurate!

IMG_2466 © This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2014.

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Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure review


As a massive fan of gel nails, particularly Calgel, my nails hadn’t been without a coat of gel for absolute years. I wore it all the way through college, university and some time after up until just a few months ago when I decided to give my nails a little time to just breathe.

On a recent trip to Boots to pick up some essential beauty supplies, I came across the Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure sets. I used to wear press on nails absolute years ago when the nails were horribly thick and looked extremely tacky – I’m talking fluorescent yellow nails with huge sky blue and crimson red flowers dotted all over them, not an understated look to say the least but could have been quite striking had it not been for the digger-sized tips. Anyway, the Elegant Touch offerings looked quite different and came in a really good variety of styles and colours. At £7.99 for a 24 nail pack, I thought I might as well give them a go.


The colour I chose was a gorgeous deep burgundy named Polished Garnet. The next evening, I decided to give my nails a pre-manicure and pop the nails on.

The pack comes with a short set of instructions which advises you to thoroughly clean and dry your nails before using the nail wipe which comes with the pack. I assume that this dehydrates the nail plate before application so that the natural oils that sit on the nail are stripped away leaving a smooth, dry surface for the glue tabs to adhere to. Each nail comes with a glue tab already fixed so the only thing you need to do is size up the nails to your own, peel away the sticky tab and press on in the centre and the sides. Having quite small nails in width, I found it quite difficult to find nails to match my own and only four out of the whole pack were small enough to fit naturally. Nevertheless, I picked the closest and pressed them on. The whole process literally took around five minutes – they really are express!

As you can see from the picture below, the nails do look quite lovely and natural once first applied, but because some of them were too large and a little too wide to look completely natural, I clipped and filed a little away.





I applied the nails on Sunday evening and they felt extremely sturdy and didn’t leave me in fear that they’d end up pinging off at the most inappropriate moments like the old offerings of press on nails so often did. I woke up this morning (Monday – this post will be going live on Tuesday morning!) with each nail still intact and each nail feeling just as strong as the night before. I wore the nails throughout the day for a dinner and cinema date with hardly any issues except one which is kind of a biggie…

As you’ll see from the image below, the natural arch of the false nail doesn’t quite match the natural arch of my own nail so there’s quite a significant gap between the false nail and my own – a great place for dirt and nasty bacteria to set up home, so sadly, the nails had to go after one day instead of the full seven. Had it not been for the gap, I’m pretty sure the nails would have lasted the full seven days providing I’d been careful when taking a bath or styling my hair (I found that my hair got stuck underneath the nails quite often).


The nails took me all of a few minutes to remove by gently peeling them away from the cuticle upwards, and my nails were left clean of any glue residue with absolutely no damage. I’d really recommend these nails for a quick fix for a night out or special occasion, they’re fab for a really fast manicure with zero fuss and zero drying time. Had they fit my natural nail arch a little better, I’d definitely repurchase them them in the future. A really lovely product that has been made with the consumer in mind and offers a really great variety of colours and styles. Have you tried the Elegant Touch Press-On nails before? What did you think?

© This post is copyright of Rachael Divers 2014.

Daniela Kiprova - November 8, 2016 - 9:32 pm

They are the best

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