Part 2: Walking Dead Zombie Makeovers in Leeds

Today I was back in lovely Leeds to create a few more gruesome zombies ahead of the Zombie Protest for Fancy Dress Ball which is being held at Millennium Square and other areas in the city centre this afternoon.


The Zombie Protest is all about raising awareness for poor old zombies…as the campaign says:

“It’s an issue that doesn’t often get attention. Zombies are painted as the bad guys. The brain-hungry hooligans who want nothing more than to wreak havoc on the living. The time has come for this to change. This video shows what it’s actually like to be a undead in a living man’s world. It shows the hardships we face every day: the abuse, the ignorance, and the loneliness. But it also shows hope – the strongest force of all. We hope that the peaceful and democratic #zombierevolution will herald in a new attitude toward the undead, where we can live in and contribute to a better society for everyone.”

Head zombie Mr Horde

Head zombie Mr Horde





It’s been so much fun working on this campaign so far and I can’t wait to get started on the next terrifying transformations! Fancy getting zombied up for Halloween? Check out my work and rates here.

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