Primark PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish review

I was walking through the Sheffield Primark the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how big the beauty section was! Having been used to the much smaller branch in Barnsley that never seems to have exactly what I need, I was immediately excited to check out the selection!

Primark PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish review | L-R: Nude, Pink Party, Mushroom, Rainbow | Rachael Divers

Being very tight on time, I quickly honed in on the nail polish section and picked up four gorgeous colours. At 60p each, I wasn’t so sure they’d be much good, Sure, they were smaller than a normal nail polish, but I really couldn’t argue with 60p per colour!

Primark PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish review | Nude | Rachael Divers

I picked up the colours Nude, Pink Party, Mushroom and Rainbow – a good selection of solid colours and glitters. If you know me in real life, you’ll know that anything that glitters immediately catches my attention and I just have to have it! My nickname was always magpie when I was younger because I used to collect anything shiny and keep it stored away in my little box in my room!

Primark PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish review | Pink Party | Rachael Divers

The colour that I decided to try out was Nude. It looks a little pinker in the bottle than it actually does on the nails, but I’m not mad about it. I slicked the first coat on and was pleased to see that the coverage was pretty good. I’d definitely need a second if I wasn’t going to wear a nail topper, but I think that’s pretty standard anyway. The nail polish claims to dry in 60 seconds and for once, a product wasn’t telling me porkies! Even in my unbelievably humid office, my nails were touch dry within 60 seconds so I went on and added a second coat that really smoothed out any ‘wishy washy’ areas and left me with a lovely, subtle colour.

Primark PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish review | Mushroom | Rachael Divers

Normally, nail polishes chip on my nails within a day which is absolutely soul destroying. I was pleased to see that I actually 2-3 days out of this polish without the need for retouching! I was really impressed!

Primark PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish review | Rainbow | Rachael Divers

I have tried the Pink Party over the top of the Nude but sadly that chipped for me within a day which made me feel so sad! I’m not going to give up on it though because it’s a beautiful shade and looks exactly an offering from Shellac. I found this out when a client visited me with identical looking nail polish and asked me if it was Shellac like hers!

Primark PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish review | Nude | Rachael Divers

I’m really looking forward to trying the other colours out soon. I’m also looking forward to visiting that beauty section once again when I have a little more time. Purely for research reasons, of course…

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