Princess pink sparkles for Kayleigh’s wedding guest makeover

Many moons ago I had a last minute text from a lovely lady that had been let down by her makeup artist. She asked if I could fit her in for a makeup appointment within the next couple of hours. We had friends over at the studio at the time, but I felt so horrible for her that she’d been let down just hours before her special occasion that I quickly replied with ‘yes!’ and gave her my details.

Once she arrived, it was clear that we were going to get on like a house on fire. She was the loveliest person and I thoroughly enjoyed applying her makeup. She put her trust in me completely and allowed me to create whatever I wanted as long as it was dark and dramatic. I took inspiration from a recent John Galliano for Dior runway show at the time and gave her the most carbon black winged out smokey eyes – she loved it!

The first ever makeover I did for this gorgeous lady back in 2015! | Princess pink sparkles for Kayleigh’s wedding guest makeover | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

She booked in several more times after her first appointment and a few more appointments down the line, we became more than just makeup artist and client – we became great friends too!

Just this week Kayleigh stopped by for a makeover ahead of a wedding that she was attending as a guest. She was wearing the most gorgeous blue dress with a crochet detail and told me her usual ‘do what you want, I trust you. But I’m feeling some sparkles!’ Any makeup artist will know that that’s music to our ears – to be left to our own devices and create something truly bespoke. After an hour of makeup, coffee and gossiping we finished with the look below. A beautifully sparkly princess pink eye with a beautiful rosy pink lip to match. A gorgeous colour scheme to compliment Kayleigh’s dress.

Princess pink sparkles for Kayleigh

Princess pink sparkles for Kayleigh’s wedding guest makeover | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

I really love the finished look and loved how sparkly the eyes were, they shimmered and glittered away beautifully with every blink. The perfect eye for a special summery wedding.

I am so grateful to the makeup artist that let this lovely lady down those few years ago, because without that happening, I may not have made such a gorgeous, caring and beautiful friend.

© Rachael Divers 2017.

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