Rachael does Vlogmas 2017!

Vlogmas has long been something that I’ve loved to watch on YouTube over the month of December. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically where YouTubers post a new vlog every single day from the 1st December up until Christmas. I’ve always loved the idea of doing Vlogmas myself, but living over in South Yorkshire and being far away from the PR events that I have to turn down all too often, I didn’t think I’d have enough interesting content to fill the days so I decided against it.

On the first week of December, I got the uncontrollable urge to start vlogging as I was cooking away in the kitchen. Suddenly the evening vlog turned into a weekly vlog and voila – week one of Vlogmas was live on my channel! I’ve since filmed week two and I’m currently working on week 3, possibly the most exciting week as it’s almost time for Christmas!

I thought I’d share my videos here on my blog as I know some people don’t follow me on YouTube so may miss the extra content if it isn’t mentioned once in a while. My vlogmas videos are a mixture of beauty and lifestyle with a little bit of baking too! So if you fancy having a look at what I’m getting up to in the run up to Christmas, I’d love you to have a little watch!

I hope that you enjoy my vlogs – I’m working on making my content bigger and better but hope that my humble little vlogs suffice in the meantime. Please go ahead and click the thumbs up button if you like my videos and also subscribe if you’re new. I’d love to have you as part of my YouTube family as well as my blog family!

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