Review: Spectrum Brushes 7 Pieces of Heaven Limited Edition set

IMG_3726Back in February, I received a gorgeous set of makeup brushes from my boyfriend as a birthday gift. I promised that I’d write a review on them in the coming weeks and so, here it is!

I’m really lucky to have a boyfriend who has always encouraged my makeup artistry and always showed interest in my work, so I was thrilled to receive this beautiful set that I’d been lusting after over on Instagram for weeks.


The set I received was the ‘7 Pieces of Heaven’ limited edition set which came in a sleek black faux leather case – excellent for both travel and displaying your brushes on your vanity. The brushes have black handles with a purple gloss ferrule and mixture of ombre purple to black hairs. The set contains the following brushes:

– Angled Foundation

– Powder/Bronzer

– Angled Blush/Contour

– Concealer

– Angled Shader

– Angled Brow/Liner

– Lip

The Angled Foundation brush

This brush is a cross between a buffing brush and a stippling brush but I find it to be too hard to be a buffing brush and too coarse and prickly to be a stippling brush. It’s like no other foundation brush that I’ve ever come across and no matter how I use it, I can’t seem to get along with it. You can try to stipple the foundation on with it, but of course it doesn’t have the stipple brush structure that you need to blend and buff the foundation in. I’ve found that if I use this as a buffing brush for my foundation, it removes my foundation as I go as the bristles are so dense and hard.

Powder/Bronzer brush

This is a fabulous little brush for powder and bronzer and also great for highlighting. I like to use this brush on any areas I’d like to add a little luminosity to such as my cheekbones. It’s slim enough to use for highlighting but also wide enough to distribute a healthy dose of bronzer across the face naturally.

Angled Blush/Contour brush

Another great brush for blush and contour. I use this brush solely for contouring and find it to be a great shape and cut to get right under the cheekbone without looking too harsh. The soft bristles help to diffuse the colour in a more natural way so that you can build up the contour naturally and to your liking. A firm favourite in my collection.

Concealer brush

The concealer brush is great for concealing or adding contour creams to the nose and cheekbones. I love to use it both for concealing and also for cream eyeshadows. The synthetic bristles are fabulous for cream based products as they don’t tend to absorb as much product as a real hair brush would and will also wash and wear much better with this kind of makeup application.

Angled Shader brush 

The angled shader brush is my new favourite brush for concealing under my eyes. The angled shape makes it easy to follow the eye contour and get right into the corners without actually poking yourself in the eye.

Angled Brow/Liner brush

Although I don’t use this brush for my brows, I really enjoy using it to add a small amount of powder product under my lower lash line to line my eyes and also to diffuse gel or pencil liners on the upper lash line.

Lip brush

I usually use most of my lipsticks right from the bullet, but when I do need a lip brush, this one is fab. The bristles are strong yet pliable and allow you to get that precise, sharp line that you need for cover-girl lips. I also love using this brush for adding a small dab of highlight on the inner corners of my eyes.

Here are the two makeup looks I created with the brush set – one night out and one natural. Please excuse the bad lighting, our hotel wasn’t too great for finding a good spot with good lighting to show the makeup off very well!

Spectrum collection makeup

Overall, I really enjoy the Spectrum collection brushes for my own personal use, and I love seeing them on my dressing table as they’re just so pretty! A really fun, cute set that are enjoyable to use and lovely as a gift for any makeup lover. The set retails for £24.99 and was available from Spectrum Collections here – however, the set is currently out of stock.

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