Review: St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tanning Lotion

St TropezAfter reading months ago that St Tropez were to launch an in-shower tanning lotion that promised an even, streak free and natural tan after just three minutes, I was a little skeptical to say the least.

Nevertheless, I decided to order a couple of tubes (one for me, one for Mum of course!) and try it out for myself. On first impression, I was surprised at the size of the tube and felt that if it worked, it would be really good value for money. I love the fresh-looking packaging and the tube design makes it really easy to be able to remove the product that you need efficiently.

The instructions on the back of the tube tell you to shower with warm water, wash, turn off the shower, apply the lotion and work it into the skin, wait for three minutes, rinse away and then pat dry. So I took to the shower and washed and exfoliated gently with a massage sponge before switching off the shower and lathering the lotion onto my skin. I started with my legs and worked my way up my entire body to my face then applied a little to my feet before washing my hands. I then just swiped the backs of my hands over my forearms to cover them lightly in the lotion – we’ve all been there with the orange hands before and I certainly didn’t want a repeat this time! I stood and waited around for the recommended three minutes, which felt like no time at all, then switched the shower back on and rinsed the lotion away thoroughly. After getting out of the shower and patting my skin dry, I got dressed and got on with my day.

Take a look at the video below that shows you exactly how to use the tanning lotion.

I wasn’t expecting much to happen if I’m being completely honest, but after a few hours I took a look in the mirror and was sure that I could see a hint of a glow forming across my body. I continued on with my day and was so pleased to see that the soft glow kept on forming without any streaks or orange patches, but the best thing about it? No biscuity fake tan smell! Once it got to the evening, I took my nightly shower and re-applied the lotion again then went to bed. Waking up this morning, there was a slight hint of fake tan smell but nothing like the other brands that I’ve used in the past. i was really happy to wake up to a slightly deeper glow to my skin that is pretty much completely even aside from a tiny tanning mishap on a little drier skin on one of my feet.

Overall, I’m seriously impressed with the gradual in-shower tan and love the subtle glow it gives to my skin.



  • No bad fake tan smell – there’s only a slight hint of fake tan smell but the lotion smells lovely on application and not too strong
  • Extremely fast to apply and no need to wait around for a sticky tan to dry – I’ve read a few people were fed up with the three minute wait but I found it to go really quickly. Pop your iPad on and catch up on your favourite show while you’re applying it and the time just flies by!
  • Doesn’t stain the bed sheets (I have white sheets so that was the ultimate test!)
  • Gives an even, sunkissed look to the skin without being too over the top
  • No skin damage! Tanning products are a great alternative to baking in the sun and come with no harmful UVA or UVB rays, it’s so important to look after your skin and be sensible about taking proper care. Fake it all the way.


  • If your skin is olive or darker to start with, I’m not so sure how well this tan will show. Naturally, my skin is extremely fair (think ivory in foundation shades) so the subtle glow really makes a difference to my skin

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