Scary Halloween Scarecrow Makeup

The Creepy Scarecrow Outfit and Red Out Contact Lenses were gifted to me.
[This is not a paid post.]

You wouldn’t believe what comes to life,
In the cornfield past twilight on a full moon night.
Red eyes all a-glare, face covered in stitches,
This deadly creature is the definition of malicious.
So heed the warning, I beg and I plead,
For the murderous scarecrow will bring you to your knee.
The veil between the dead and living soon takes flight.
Stay away from the cornfield. It’s slaughter night tonight 🦇

Scary Halloween Scarecrow Makeup | Rachael Divers

For a few years now I’ve really wanted to do some sort of a scary Halloween scarecrow makeup look. So when contacted me and asked if I’d like to work with them, I jumped at the chance!

I was given the option to pick two of my favourite fancy dress outfits from their website and create a spooky Halloween makeup look to go with them. As soon as I saw this gorgeous Halloween scarecrow outfit, I knew I just had to feature it!

Scary Halloween Scarecrow Makeup | Rachael Divers

The scarecrow outfit comes complete with a dress, detachable collar, hat, rope belt and the finishing touch – a scary-looking scythe! I thought the outfit was actually quite cute, so I wanted to give it a freaky twist with some gruesome makeup to switch it up a notch,

The outfit is really amazing quality. I didn’t expect it to feel quite so plush, but it really is quite lovely. It fits comfortably (I went up a size just in case), the material is nice to wear and doesn’t scratch your skin at all. The accessories are just perfect, too! I was also gifted the amazing Red Out Contact Lenses that I’m wearing which are also reusable – another huge bonus! Also, I managed to put these lenses in on my first ever attempt which has NEVER happened with cheaper lenses in the past.

Scary Halloween Scarecrow Makeup | Rachael Divers

I thought the outfit was just too nice to ruin with fake blood (even the washable kind!) so I saved that for my face only.

I hope you like my spooky scarecrow character! Keep your eyes peeled for my final look coming soon!

Scary Halloween Scarecrow Makeup | Rachael Divers

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