Scary Snow White Halloween Makeup

This week I’ve been back in the studio working on another spooky character and came up with this Scary Snow White Halloween makeup!
Scary Snow White Halloween Makeup
I love how this fairytale character turned out, and it was so much fun going from ‘glam Snow’ to ‘gory Snow’!
Scary Snow White Halloween Makeup
The rosy red apple looked inviting and delicious,
But inside its flesh laid something quite vicious.
For when poor old Snow took a big hungry bite,
She soon felt a wave of the evil Queen’s spite.
As the poisonous potion coarsed into her veins,
Snow White would never look quite the same.
With her mouth fused together, a true picture of gore
Snow managed a horrified scream and fell to the floor.
So the next time you’re hungry and go to sink your teeth,
Think twice, be careful, there may be poison underneath…

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