Should you take your friends to your bridal makeup trial?

Your bridal makeup trial should be an exciting experience for all of you gorgeous blushing brides! It’s the time that you get to sit and discuss your perfect makeup for your special day with a trusted professional and see your bridal look for the first time. Who wouldn’t find that thrilling!

Just of late, I’ve seen many brides posting on wedding forums asking the question: ‘Should I take my friends to my bridal makeup trial?’ For me, as a professional makeup artist, the answer is a resounding no.

Should you take your friends to your bridal makeup trial? | Rachael Divers

Meeting your makeup artist for the first time should be a wonderful experience. It’s your opportunity to sit and discuss your requirements with your artist and allow them to consult with you one-on-one to create your perfect look. It should be a relaxing experience that helps you get used to your makeup artist and how they work, and also allow you to voice your own opinion freely and openly without any added pressure. Sometimes if there are other people present, it’s much harder for the bride and artist to communicate properly and ideas can often be lost in translation.

With all the best intentions in the world, sometimes friends can be a huge distraction. It’s extremely hard for makeup artists to concentrate on the bride and provide them with their undivided attention and care when there are several other people in the room asking questions, throwing out suggestions and being excitable. I completely understand it, these ladies want the best for their friend and want to offer up their opinion to help, but it can make trials a stressful environment and often leaves the bride in confusion about what she should pick for her special day.

Should you take your friends to your bridal makeup trial? | Wedding Makeup Artist in Barnsley

In the past I’ve had lovely bridal clients visit me and pick their look only to ring me the next day and ask if they could come for a private re-trial. The reason? They’d felt under pressure from their friends or family and picked something that they weren’t entirely comfortable with. They’d had their friends asking to come along and felt too uncomfortable to say no at the time and didn’t want to make them feel bad or like their opinions didn’t matter. From this, I came to the conclusion that all bridal trials with me would be taken as a private, one-to-one appointment. I run a boutique business that’s highly bespoke and focuses on client care above all else. This rule gives my client and I the time and space needed to discuss the makeup and decide on the final look and make any changes that we think are necessary.

When I book a bride in for a makeup trial, I’m not just booking in a makeup appointment – I’m booking in a two hour window for us to be able to connect and really create the perfect look that they’ll love not just for their big day, but in their photographs for years to come too. I love to capture the personality of that person within their makeup and play up their gorgeous features, but with distractions around, it’s just not possible to provide the service that I want to offer.

Should you take your friends to your bridal makeup trial? | Rachael Divers

And after the trial? I fully encourage my gorgeous bridal trial ladies to meet with the girls after their session to go to lunch or for an evening out so everybody can take a look at the makeup and see how beautiful their friend looks!

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