Silent Hill Nurse Halloween Makeup

To celebrate the arrival of October, I wanted to release one of my new makeovers for Halloween 2017 – the Silent Hill Nurse!

Silent Hill Nurse Halloween Makeup | Rachael Divers

The Nurses from Alchemilla General Hospital have always fascinated me and I really wanted to re-create one for Halloween. So, off to the craft store I went where I bought the supplies to make a life cast of my own face (something I’ve never done before). I also bought some calico, red felt and plenty of refills for my glue gun as I wanted to make my own nurses hat to go with the outfit. eBay was the perfect place to find a nurses outfit, and I was thrilled to find a secondhand Ann Summers offering for a mere £6 – such a bargain and perfect for this look!

A few pictures from the making of the hat and mask | Silent Hill Nurse Halloween Makeup | Rachael Divers

I set to work casting my own face before working on my very own custom mask with a mixture of cream paints and alcohol paints. Then I went on to create the hat with the calico and red felt. It really took me back to my Fashion Design uni days where I’d be sat surrounded by tons of calico and patterns ready for cutting and sewing! To finish the look, I added a few gauze bandages around my head that I dirtied up a little with cream paints and a little fake blood – after all, you can’t be stuck in Alchemilla General Hospital for all that time and not look at least a little worse for wear now, can you?

I really loved the whole process of creating this look as it was something very different to what I’d usually do and challenged me creatively – something that I think is really important in order to learn and improve no matter what aspect of makeup you’re applying. I’ve never tried my hand at life-casting and I’ve never really made my own pieces to complement my outfits in the past aside from the clown ruffle I made for my American Horror Story Cult clown that I created back in August.

Silent Hill Nurse Halloween Makeup | Rachael Divers

Lastly, after applying my look and adding the final touches, I headed into the Divers Photography studio ready for my photo shoot!

I hope that you like the finished look – I’m really pleased with how it turned out. If you’d like to make a booking for a Halloween makeover this year, please see my Halloween and SFX page here. I’m fully booked for Saturday 28th October, but I do have availability for other dates.

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