Skinny Tan Mousse Dark review

I’ve spoken about my disdain for sitting out in the sun in search of the perfect tan many times before. I’m a strong believer in protecting my skin, and with cancers on the rise, I think it’s downright daft to sit and bake yourself into oblivion when there are so many wonderful tanning products on the market right now.

One such product that has a cult following and even had my Mum interested is Skinny Tan (note: my Mum does NOT share my enthusiasm for beauty products. Sure, she likes beauty and wears makeup, but she definitely doesn’t get whipped into a frenzy when a new lip oil launches or a new brush line is released. “It’s just a brush, Rachael.” Honestly? What the heck?!)

Skinny Tan with After Glow Gloss and a slick of Laura Geller’s Gilded Honey for sunkissed perfection | Skinny Tan Mousse Dark review | Rachael Divers

Skinny Tan is actually the first self-tanner that combines tanning with skincare to smooth, contour and reduce the appearance of cellulite, so naturally, I was all over it once I’d done a little research. I got in touch with the company, who by the way have the nicest PR team, and they ever so kindly sent out a box of gorgeous goodies to me to review and share with you, my lovely readers.

Within the box that arrived was a treasure trove of tanning goodness; Mousse Dark, Pre-Tan Primer, After Glow Gloss, a Tan Application Mitt and an Exfoliating Prep Mitt. I was in tanning heaven! If you know me at all, you’ll know that I used to go crazily overboard with the tan when I was younger, and seeing this gorgeous package made me feel a little giddy once again at the thought of having a luxurious dark tan, especially seen as the weather has been less than desirable in the last week or so. Again!

Anyway, I thought I’d pop my experience with Skinny Tan into a little video for you all to watch so that you could see the tan in action and hear my thoughts on each of the products that Skinny Tan so kindly sent me to try.

I hope that you enjoy watching my video, there’s a little guest appearance from my youngest little fur baby too! Please do go ahead and hit the thumbs up button if you enjoy watching, and click on the subscribe button too so that you don’t miss any videos in the future.

UPDATE! The tan wore away beautifully and evenly in four to five days. I’ve exfoliated and moisturised every single day and I’m also taking Accutane at the moment so I think this is great going! No scales, no patches. Just a lovely fade. I’d highly recommend this gorgeous tanning brand!

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