The £94 Lip Plumper: skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump review

The shimmery pink skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump is a beautiful sight to behold. Especially when you find it inside your lookfantastic Beauty Box! First of all, I love skinChemists as a brand, but second of all is that this little beauty costs £44.99 from lookfantastic (or an eye-watering £94.40 if you buy direct from skinChemists, ouch!) To find this in a beauty subscription box that costs a mere £15 monthly is just incredible! This is the reason why I adore the lookfantastic beauty boxes, high end brands for a fraction of the cost.

The £94 Lip Plumper: skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump review | Rachael Divers

What the brand says
skinChemists say that their Rose Quartz Lip Plump can give you a fuller pout without the pain and commitment offered by fillers. They say that their Lip Plump is designed to hydrate the lips whilst actively boosting them to give you a fuller pout and a lightly glossy lip to provide the benefits of a lip gloss and a balm in one.

How does it work?
The key ingredient is Volulip which aims to stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid (a moisture magnet to keep skin hydrated and lock in the moisture more effectively than other ingredients) which produces a plumping effect. The addition of Peppermint Oil is there to help the circulation of blood come to the surface of the lips to give a plumping effect.

The £94 Lip Plumper: skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump review | Rachael Divers

How does it apply?
The gloss itself looks pretty, pink and shimmery inside the tube, but goes on completely clear which disappoints me a little. I think a Rose Quartz hue would have really set this product off nicely. Non the less, being clear makes it a good option for the masses and you could always layer it with your favourite lipstick. Just remember to put your lipstick over the top of the gloss rather than the other way around – this allow it to soak into the lips to its maximum potential. The gloss comes with a standard doe foot applicator and is really simple and quick to apply. I’d have preferred a stopper that allows more product onto the applicator as I find I have to dip the wand back in several times to cover my lips properly, but that’s a minor issue.

Does it work?
There’s no doubting that the Lip Plump has a hydrating effect on the lips and helps them to appear nourished and healthier, but as far as plumping? Sadly, not for me. To feel the Peppermint Oil tingling away on your lips (which is what helps to bring the blood circulation to the surface of the lips to give the plumping effect) you have to apply quite a few layers of the product. Although it feels nice and refreshing on the lips, for me, it certainly doesn’t have the desired effect and doesn’t appear to plump at all.

Before and after | The £94 Lip Plumper: skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump review | Rachael Divers

Is it worth the price tag?
In my opinion, not at all. I’ve tried several Lip Plumpers in the past and my favourite that I’ve ever tried so far was the Big Fatty Lip Plumper from Urban Decay. I’m not so sure if it’s available anymore, but that stuff worked great for me and really packed a punch!

I’m so sad that this product didn’t work out for me as I really love skinChemists as a brand and enjoyed the Lip Plump on my first impressions. I feel that it’s an extremely hefty price tag for a product that doesn’t do anything for me so I personally wouldn’t re-purchase it once I’ve used it up.

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