The Holy Grail of waterproof mascaras

After my MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash dried up after a couple of weeks, I decided it was not the Hobnob of the mascara world, but rather the Rich Tea despite the lovely application and sleek packaging that I had come to love. I set out to find another alternative and what I found was actually quite surprising.

On a trip to Meadowhall for dinner at TGI Friday’s, I dragged my long-suffering Mr Wright into the The Body Shop to take a look around and had a pretty fun twenty minutes subjecting his hands to primers and foundations, swatching and marvelling at the formulations. I came across the Big and Curvy Waterproof mascara due to the lovely bright blue packaging and thought I’d pick it up and try it out. As there was a 3 for 2 sale on at the time, I actually got the mascara for free so I thought I might as well take it home and sample it to see if it would be a good addition to my professional kit.

The Body Shop's Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara

The Body Shop’s Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara

The next day, I applied the mascara instead of my current favourite Thick and Fast by Soap and Glory. I found the mascara went on quite beautifully and separated my lashes quite well. Although this mascara is a volumising mascara, I’m happy to say that it wasn’t clump city as so many thickening formulations are. My lashes looked longer, thicker and a little more curved than usual.

I wore the mascara for the duration of the day as I went about my mobile makeovers travelling up and down to visit clients. When I got home later on that afternoon, there was just enough time to apply my mum’s makeup before we were both out the door and heading to my lovely friend’s Hen party. After a fabulous time at the party, we finally returned home at around 10pm and I was pleased to see that my eye makeup looked exactly the same as it had done when I’d applied it at 7am that morning. Pretty good going if you ask me – that’s 15 hours of excellent results!

Ready for the Mexican Hen party - mascara still intact!

Ready for the Mexican Hen party – mascara still intact!

When the time came to remove the mascara, I learned just how amazingly waterproof this little formula is…I tried my usual DHC Cleansing Oil to no avail and also tried my Mum’s Nivea eye makeup remover. I still had traces of the mascara on my lashes! I cleansed the rest of my face with my favourite facial scrub and again came back to my lashes to try and remove the remainder of the mascara. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t quite get the very last traces of the mascara off and had to retire to bed. The next morning, the dregs of the mascara were still intact and I was happy to see there were no panda eyes. After a gentle cleanse with my DHC Cleansing Oil, the remainder of the mascara slid away and my lashes were fresh and clean once again.

Separated, volumised natural lashes with serious staying power

Separated, volumised natural lashes with serious staying power

I am seriously impressed with the longevity and performance of this mascara, and at the retail price of £10, it’s £4.50 cheaper than my previous MAC offering. I can’t tell you about how long the mascara lasts without drying out just yet as I’ve only had it for less than a week so far, but I’ll keep you posted.

I’d highly recommend this mascara to all you party animals, water babies or simply ladies who have problems with their mascara imprinting onto their faces after a full days wear. Great value for money, and serious staying power. Just ensure to remove the mascara gently and carefully to make sure you don’t irritate your eyes or damage your lashes in the process.

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