this works Stress Check Breathe In roller ball review and how to use

I recently got a sample of the gorgeous this works Stress Check Breathe In aroma-therapeutic roller ball in my February 2017 Lookfantastic Beauty Box.

Enriched with eucalyptus to help counter physical and mental fatigue, Lavender oil to relax and Frankincense essential oil to deliver antiseptic benefits, the handy rollerball is great for on the go de-stressing.

The February 2017 Lookfantastic Beauty Box included the this works Stress Check Breathe In roller ball | Rachael Divers

I love absolutely anything to do with aromatherapy and often use essential oils in my bath or in my daily routine – especially when I feel stressed or congested with sinus trouble or annoying colds. The idea is to roll the oil onto your pulse points; the temples, wrists, neck and the brachial artery (just beyond the crook of the elbow towards the upper arm) works best for this type of product, and allow the relaxing aroma to help de-stress you and provide a lovely soothing blanket of calmness over you.  You can also roll a little onto a tissue to inhale if you’re feeling congested or want a little relief as you sleep. this works also suggest rolling a little into the palm of your hands then taking five deep breaths to inhale the aroma.

The February 2017 Lookfantastic Beauty Box included the this works Stress Check Breathe In roller ball | Rachael Divers

Although I love aromatherapy myself, I also find it particularly useful in my job as a makeup artist. Sometimes, new clients or my bridal clients are a little nervous at their makeovers. For some, it’s their first time meeting me and visiting my studio, so they’re bound to be a little apprehensive, and for the rest, it’s the biggest and most special day of their life and tensions can be running high with last minute preparation. I picked up a tip while I was training under Val Garland, and that was to apply a small amount of lavender or relaxing oil onto the wrists before a client arrives. This way, while you apply the makeup in the chair, the delicate remnants of the relaxing aroma will help them to relax and enjoy their experience even more. Of course, you never want to overdo this as you don’t want to overpower your client, but I’ve found that this rollerball in particular is fabulous for doing just this! The design means that you don’t overuse the product and the delicate but soothing aroma is just the right amount of potency to make a difference.

To me, this little product is worth its weight in gold. If you find yourself stressing often or just want to indulge in a little relaxation from time to time, then I’d highly recommend trying this out. Trust me, this works…

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