My three current favourite highlighters

Highlighting has become a pretty big deal in the world of makeup. If your face is not glowing to the Gods and sending light signals to space, you can’t sit with us.

My three current favourite highlighters | Rachael Divers

In realness though, the highlighting trend is still going strong and layering highlighters can often help us to achieve that blinding effect so very desired by the masses. I flit between highlighters as a rule, but just recently, I have three that have been firm favourites for a good few months now.

My three current favourite highlighters | Rachael Divers

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Pink Shimmer
Wonderfully cheap (three whole pounds!), gorgeously pigmented and oh so easy to use. The whole range of the MUA Skin Shimmers have a place in my heart, but at the moment I’m really feeling the ultraviolet hues that this shimmer kicks out. Perfect for layering high up on the cheekbone or adding a spot of light to the inner corner of the eyes. You’ll notice that my own Shimmer Highlighter looks a little worse for wear, but that’s what dropping your beloved compact on a tiled floor will do for you. Sure, it’s missing a few chunks here and there thanks to the trauma I subjected it to and the lid doesn’t click into place anymore (must learn to stop trying to carry ten million things at once), but it still applies like an absolute dream.

My three current favourite highlighters | Rachael Divers

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey 
If you haven’t heard of this holy grail highlighter, you must not have been surfing social media channels anytime recently. I got this beautiful highlighter in the Lookfantastic Beauty Egg this Easter (which by the way was one of the best surprise packages I’ve ever received). A beautiful golden elixir of highlighter baked to perfection that gives the skin a glowing radiance that really is very beautiful. It skips the grey tones that some golds can sometimes bestow upon me and instead leaves me with a candlelit golden glow without a hint of chunky glitter in sight.

My three current favourite highlighters | Rachael Divers

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
A little hint of glimmer (but not enough to be sparkly) and a whole lot of sheen adds such a beautiful glow to skin with this gorgeous baked highlighter. This is the perfect product for a high fashion sheen on both the face and body, and I love using it lightly across my whole face (I know, I’m crazy) in the summer time to give my skin a real hit of the glow. This is one of my favourite highlighters to use on my makeover clients as you can really sheer the glow out to look gorgeously natural, or you can amp it up with a spritz of MAC Prep + Prime Fix + to really up the glow.

On the skin, they’re so glowy and beautiful! | My three current favourite highlighters | Rachael Divers

What’s your favourite highlighter?

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