The ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review

Codage Moisturizing Mask

The ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review

Welcome to my new post, the ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review! As the days are getting sunnier and the weather warmer, I’m finding that I prefer to forgo foundation altogether throughout the day and let my skin soak in the goodness of fresh air and sunshine! But to do that, I need to feel like my skin is at its best in order to feel confident enough to go bare-faced.

As I mentioned in my recent favourites posts, the past few months have been months of skincare and prepping my face to be summer ready, and along my skincare journey, I was introduced to an amazing face mask in my Lookfantastic Beauty Box – the Codage Moisturizing Mask!

I’ve always been one for pampering. Anything to do with a luxury spa-at-home evening and I’m in, so I was thrilled when this little tube of goodness arrived.

The product
The Codage Moisturizing Mask is formulated with French pharmaceutical expertise – and if anybody knows luxury, results-driven skincare, it’s the French! Described as a rich emulsion, the product is enriched with oils and plant-based waxes to effectively revitalise dry skin and strengthen the hydrolipidic layer whilst supporting and reconstructing the skin’s natural barrier. The mask also utilises an enzymatic peel to stimulate cell renewal to leave your complexion looking radiant and feeling supple, comfortable and glowing.

How to
After cleansing with my Garnier Micellar Water and my Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean face wash, I gently patted my face dry and applied the mask. The instructions tell you to apply the mask to a dry, cleansed face and leave for 15 – 25 minutes before rinsing away.

The Codage Moisturizing Mask has become one of my skincare staples

The ultimate face mask: Codage Moisturizing Mask review

My thoughts
First of all, I was surprised by the texture of the mask. It feels like a thick, nourishing moisturiser that’s a little waxy in texture and doesn’t dry hard on the skin like a clay mask would for example. The formula felt gorgeous and moisturising as I applied it and I didn’t particularly notice any scent. I left the mask on for 25 minutes and couldn’t see it on my skin when I went to rinse it off – it was as if my skin had drank in all the goodness. I gently rinsed it away using warm water and could feel the oils on my skin, it felt so comfortable and luxurious. After patting my face dry and checking out my skin in the mirror, I saw that it looked refreshed, hydrated and much calmer than it had beforehand. I went to bed after moisturising as usual and was ecstatic to wake up the next day and see that my acne seemed much calmer than it had the day previously. To make sure this wasn’t just a fluke, I used the mask once weekly and each time, I woke up to much calmer skin. This mask has been an absolute miracle worker for me and really helps to tame my problematic skin. I’m right at the end of my little 15ml tester tube now (it’s lasted me a long time) so I will be looking to replace it as soon as possible. Also, one of the things I really love about this mask is that it’s free from parabens and phthalates and it is not tested on animals – something that always makes me so happy to hear.

This mask is a miracle worker for my skin. If there’s one thing you’re going to invest in when it comes to your beauty products, I’d say skincare is the most important which is why I can totally justify the price for this product. It’s been a saviour to calm my angry skin and has helped to nourish and moisturise my skin back to soft, supple and healthy again. For me, it’s the ultimate in face masks and my absolute favourite that I’ve tried in a whole 28 years.

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