Valentine’s Day Surprise Delivery

Being a single lady, I didn’t expect to receive anything this Valentine’s Day at all. But even though I am single, I’m always so excited for Valentine’s Day to roll around as I just love the idea of love! Big hearts and red roses everywhere, lots of love heart shaped chocolates and a sea of pink and red aisles in the supermarkets and shops. I just love it! I also love seeing what other people are up to across my social media and love seeing their valentine’s surprises too.

Valentine’s Day Surprise Delivery

I was getting ready for the day when my mum brought a delivery in for me. I honestly thought that her and my dad had sent me something and was joking around with her while I was opening the box asking if she got me a surprise because she thought I’d be lonely! I couldn’t believe it when I opened the box to find a gorgeous bunch of 12 red roses, a box of chocolates and a gorgeous card too! I’ve never been given a bunch of red roses for Valentine’s Day ever, so this was really exciting for me! I opened the card and my heart melted and I couldn’t stop crying! My beautiful little Valentine was our friend’s five-year-old son! My mum explained the story to me after I’d read my card and it was so heartwarming. My little valentine had been learning all about Valentine’s Day at school and came home and asked his mum if he could send me roses and chocolates. He’d also been watching my YouTube Valentine’s Day Tag video and knew that I’d love them. I was so touched that a little boy of five would have such a kind soul and even the kind thought to do this for me. Him and his older sister are such a credit to their parents and I’m so proud of them both. They’re my two youngest supporters and always read my blog and watch my YouTube videos. I absolutely love them to bits and honestly, they made my entire day!

I put my gorgeous roses in water, sent a thank you video message to my gorgeous little valentine and headed out the door to go run a few errands. Imagine my shock when I got home to find the postie had been and brought two more Valentine’s cards for me! The first was a picture card from my favourite little boy once again! It was so gorgeous and the words inside were so sweet! The second looked a little suspicious…I was sure I recognised the writing on the envelope, and when I opened it up, I knew it was from my number one man in the whole wide world. My dad. The card was absolutely beautiful with an intricate heart covered in pearls and crystals. The verse inside made me cry and smile all at once! It’s so special for a daughter to get such a lovely card from her dad, and I’m going to treasure mine forever.

Valentine’s Day Surprise Delivery

I honestly could’t believe my luck. I didn’t think anything at all would arrive for me, let alone some beautiful roses and three gorgeous cards! I felt so lucky and blessed!

The next day, I popped out to a hospital appointment and had a text from my dad. It was a picture message of a big box with ‘Flowers Direct’ printed on the side. I couldn’t wait to get home and open it up! I’m not the kind of girl that gets treated to flowers very often, so I still see them as something really special and exciting! I went running to the studio once I got back to open the box and was absolutely shocked and thrilled to see a big bunch of beautiful red roses and a box of chocolates too! It was from Vodafone and Flowers Direct! I was absolutely speechless! Two days and two bunches of roses and chocolates!

Valentine’s Day Surprise Delivery

I’ve honestly felt so touched and grateful in these last couple of days. I can’t tell you how beautiful February has been so far. From being shortlisted in the Bridebook Wedding Awards and having a lovely few surprises on Valentine’s Day, to a promising hospital appointment and then another beautiful bunch of roses and chocolates. I’ve also been able to enjoy my mum’s birthday with her and some of our lovely family, and I have my birthday to look forward to on the 20th. Such a lucky lady.

Thank you so much to everybody that has made my entire year so far. You have no idea how happy you’ve made me and how much you’ve made me smile (and cry!). I truly appreciate every single kind gesture, encouraging word and time spent.

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