Vlog 3: Dad’s Birthday, Dog Grooming and lots of animals

Hello everybody and welcome back to a new vlog! I’m really getting into the swing of vlogging and quite enjoying being able to share a little behind the scenes footage with you all. It’s very different from my usual set up of sitting down in front of a camera and chatting away to you all. I find vlogging so much more interactive and for me, vlogs are some of my favourite things to watch over on YouTube.

Yesterday it was my dad’s birthday along with my mum and dad’s 33rd wedding anniversary, so naturally, I was going to vlog it all! We had a busy day ahead of us with visits from family, a trip to the best dog groomers I’ve found in six years and of course, it wouldn’t be a great day without visiting lots of animals too!

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Benefit Roller Lash
MAC Global Glow
The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
The Balm Bahama Mama 

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Ruperts of Silkstone
Cake maker @Crumbs_ss

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