What is a MAC Pro and how can you become one?

What is a MAC Pro and how can you become one?

What is a MAC Pro and how can you become one?

What is a MAC Pro and how can you become one? Just lately there has been some real confusion over exactly what a MAC Pro is and I’ve had a lot of clients asking me exactly what it means. I wanted to write a post to explain. Being a MAC Pro does not mean that an artist is a MAC trained makeup artist – it simply means that they have applied to and become a member of the MAC Pro Membership programme. Anybody in makeup professional roles from makeup artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, nail technicians, costume designers, models, on-air talent/performers and photographers can apply to become a MAC Pro member.

The membership programme is paid for annually by the member, and offers member-exclusive benefits like discounts on products (35% for full members), the option to pay for and attend workshops and early notification of product launches.

Students can also apply for the MAC student membership to receive member benefits.

Being a MAC Pro Member does NOT make you a MAC makeup artist – the only way you can be classed as a MAC makeup artist is if you have worked with the company directly. The quickest way to become a MAC Makeup Artist is to work with them in their retail stores as a MAC Cosmetics Retail Artist. There are no existing college or university courses that allow you the title of being a MAC Pro Artist. Yes, there are courses that will train you using a MAC kit, but this does not mean in any way, shape or form that you are a MAC artist – it simply means that you trained with MAC makeup. If you are enrolled on a course as a student makeup artist, or if you already have a qualification as a makeup artist (or in any of the makeup professional roles mentioned earlier), you can apply to become a MAC Pro Member.

As MAC states: “At this time, M·A·C does not offer makeup artistry certification and does not operate a school or offer courses. We have the M·A·C Pro Student program for individuals who attend a school or institute of learning which has undergone an approval process by our Artist Relations Department. To see a full list of our Eligible Schools please CLICK HERE…Membership in M·A·C Pro is not qualification for a position at a M·A·C store or counter.”

I hope that this post helps to clear up any confusion – I’ve had countless messages asking if I’m a MAC Pro Artist and the answer is no. I am a MAC Pro MEMBER – to be a MAC Artist, I would have had to have worked for MAC and trained with the actual company which I did not.

If you’d like to know more about the MAC Pro Membership, please click here.

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