Why I love Charlotte Tilbury

If there’s one brand that I love and that keeps me coming back time after time it’s Charlotte Tilbury. Not only do I think that Charlotte is an incredibly emotive and outstandingly talented makeup artist, but her eye for the most beautifully flattering tones that just empower women and make them feel completely gorgeous is just stunning.

I fell in love with Charlotte many years ago when I started my career in makeup artistry. I loved her flame-red hair, the way she spoke and the way she made her clients and models feel – amazing! You could just see how much the people around her loved being a part of her world. From her stunning makeovers to her witty interviews, she soon had a firm place in my heart and in my book of inspiration.

Soon after I felt the love for Charlotte, she launched her very own makeup line. Straight away, I was hooked!

Why I love Charlotte Tilbury | Rachael Divers

I’ve experienced many makeup brands over the years – some high end, some bargain, but there is just something about this brand that draws me in again and again. From the exquisite counters in store that feel like coming home, to the gorgeously packaged products, it feels like there’s a lot of love and craftsmanship that’s been put into these oh-so charming formulas.

Feeling unwell with a terrible bad chest and cold, I took to online shopping to cheer myself up. The store I hotfooted (or hot-clicked it, more like) to? Charlotte Tilbury, of course! I’d heard the hype about Charlotte’s new Genius Magic Powder and thought it would be just the right thing to add to my collection. I wear loose powder pretty much every single day, so I knew I’d get lots of wear out of it. Hearing the words ‘feels like silk on my skin’ and ‘blurring and perfecting’, it took all of 30 seconds to pick my shade (Fair) and add it to my basket.

Idling across the website not wanting to leave just yet, it suddenly dawned on me that I could do with a new lipstick too. Because my huge MAC collection is feeling a little lonely. Ahem. Anyway, my CT Penelope Pink is almost completely used up, and if you’ve experienced a Tilbury treat, then you’ll know there’s nothing nicer than pulling out one of her glistening golden lipstick tubes for on-the-go retouching. It feels like a luxurious experience that requires time and attention to drink it all in.

My favourite look from Charlotte and the products needed to create it – the Dolce Vita! How stunning is this? The kit is on my wish list! | Why I love Charlotte Tilbury | Rachael Divers

After a quick deliberation, I opted for the infamous Pillow Talk in the Matte Revolution finish – a dreamy nude pink perfect for daytime or evening alike. I also added two sample lipsticks to my bag, the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range Bitch Perfect (a beautiful muted coral) and in the Matte Revolution Range, I opted for Very Victoria (a taupe, nude matte).

My purchases arrived today in true Tilbury style – encased in their very own box filled with luxurious deep purple tissue paper with the CT signature sealing them inside safe and sound. I love that a manila envelope holds the details of the order – such a classy way to present a shipping receipt.

I’ve had the pleasure of owning a few pieces from Charlotte, the majority of them came from her Book of Legendary Parties Advent Calendar that I got in 2017. There are certainly some products that I much favour over others, but I love the experience of learning about these products as I go and discovering new Holy Grails to treasure along the way.

My beautiful new goodies | Why I love Charlotte Tilbury | Rachael Divers

I have yet to try my new purchases as I’m waiting until I am feeling better so I can fully enjoy the experience. Until then, my new additions will have pride of place on my dressing table right beside the beautiful pink roses and white carnations that my mum bought me to make me smile.

Next on the horizon? The Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar, of course!

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