Why you should try out Thermal Waters in your skincare routine

Why you should try out Thermal Waters in your skincare routine

Thermal waters have been out for a while now and have been marketed as an efficient way to re-hydrate and refresh our skin throughout the day. Thermal waters typically come in spray bottles which are so handy for a quick refresher while out and about. But do they have any benefits other than that refreshing puff of cool water on our skin? Yes! Welcome to my post on Why you should try out Thermal Waters in your skincare routine!

I’ve recently been loving two different makes of thermal water – the Avene Thermal Spring Water and the Uriage Thermal Water*. I’m going to tell you about them both separately then give you my comparison afterwards.


Avene Thermal Spring Water
The Avene Thermal Spring water is captured directly at its source to capture all the soothing and softening properties the product boasts. The spray can be used to help calm the skin as well as a makeup refresher throughout the day. Avene recommends you use the spray:

  • Following a surgical procedure
  • To soothe facial redness
  • To soothe skin irritation
  • To soothe sunburn
  • To comfort nappy rash
  • Following make-up removal
  • Following shaving
  • Following exercise
  • Following hair removal
  • During travel or sport to cool oneself
Avene Thermal Spring Water (Avene Aqua), Nitrogen.
How I use it
I use Avene’s Thermal Spring Water after I wash my face and complete my skincare routine on a morning and on a night. I feel like it gives my skin an extra shot of moisture and I love how refreshing it feels.


Uriage Thermal Water
The Uriage Thermal Water is described as skincare water for daily use. Formulated with trace elements and mineral salts, it’s a source of radiance for the skin. The water is high in concentration of mineral salts which are similar to the skin’s natural moisturising factors which offers unique moisturising benefits. The water also soothes sensitive skin thanks to its high content of calcium and magnesium salts, and also helps to protect the skin as the silicon inside reinforces the skins hydrolipidic film. Uriage state that the water helps to restore the cutaneous barrier of the skin thanks to the mineral salts. Uriage recommend you use the spray liberally and as often as needed to refresh and soothe the skin on face and body and also sensitive mucous membranes (lips, ears, eyelids etc).

100% pure Thermal water
How I use it
I use the Uriage Thermal water the same way I use the Avene Thermal Spring Water – after I wash my face and complete my skincare routine on a morning and on a night. I also spray the Uriage Thermal water over my face during the day if my skin is feeling a little tired or if I feel like I need to refresh myself after sitting at my laptop for hours! The thermal waters also work amazingly on top of makeup – if like me, you use quite a lot of powder products, you’ll find that sometimes your skin can look a little cakey. Spraying a fine mist of this on top of my makeup helps to take away the drying look and leave me looking and feeling fresh faced once again.
What’s the difference between Uriage Thermal Water and Avene Thermal Spring Water?
Uriage Thermal water retails at £4.10 for 50ml.
Avene Thermal Spring Water retails at £3.15 for 50ml.
The Uriage Thermal water initially feels a little heavier on the face than Avene’s Thermal Spring Water. It also has a salty taste if it gets onto your lips.
Both of these waters leave me feeling equally refreshed and hydrated, but I feel that the Uriage Thermal Water takes longer to dry on my skin which makes me feel a little more moisturised.
Which do I prefer?
Honestly? Neither! I love them both equally and I’m quite happy with whichever one I pluck out of my drawer to use. I tend to use Uriage if I want a bigger moisture hit or Avene if I want a softer mist.
Who is it for?
Thermal water is for anybody who loves to be able to refresh their skin quickly and efficiently. A small 50ml bottle lasts me for a month for so and that’s with daily use. It’s great for children as well as adults and can be used on sensitive areas to soothe and cool. It’s especially amazing for sensitive and dry skin types, but my skin is oily and I find that it still works perfectly for me too!
Would I repurchase?
Absolutely 100% yes! I think both of these products are amazing value for money and this is the third Avene Thermal Spring Water that I’ve used.
*I was sent the Uriage Thermal Water as a PR sample. I bought the Avene Thermal Spring Water with my own money.
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