Lookfantastic Beauty Box Unboxing and Mini Review

Lookfantastic Beauty Box Unboxing | Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

Lookfantastic Beauty Box Unboxing

This month has been absolutely hectic so far, so much so that I’m only just getting around to sharing my thoughts with you on the April Lookfantastic Beauty Box! In celebration of Earth Month, this month’s beauty box is entitled #LFBlooms and is all about celebrating natural beauty. Jam-packed with natural, organic and eco-friendly products, this box is a huge treat for skin and absolutely amazing for helping to get your skin summer ready!

I was thrilled to see so much skincare in the box, and I was especially excited by the myvitamins performance effervescent tablets that were included. After trying to battle a niggling on-and-off cold for weeks, and having such a busy schedule, I really do need that extra vitamin boost to keep me full of energy and feeling fantastic! I find it so hard to stomach dissolvable tablets at the best of times, so I was so pleased when I made a cup of this up and could drink it with ease!

My ultimate favourite from this month’s box though, which I’ve tested since I filmed the video, is the Tanworx Tan Maintainer. Like a fool, I applied the formula after my bath thinking it was just a lovely moisturiser – silly me didn’t realise it actually contains a gradual tan which is the genius way it helps to maintain your existing tan in the first place! Anyway, off the back of my daft mistake, I actually learned that the product used on its own produces the most beautiful, natural tan to the skin without that horrible biscuity smell some products leave behind. In fact, it smells incredibly similar to my favourite lip balm from Lush called Honey Trap. With carrot oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil to moisturise along with Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed, the product nourishes and tans in one, and leaves skin looking and feeling gorgeous. Proof that we learn the best lessons from our mistakes, I’m now a HUGE fan and use the product every other night to keep me feeling bronzed and glowing.

I hope that you enjoy watching my unboxing/mini review type video below – I was just too excited to open the box to wait to film a first impressions video! Get your own Lookfantastic Beauty Box here!

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